Organizational Celebrations


The day of the wedding is a special day which will never happen again. That is why all the projects of our team are so different. We can make your dreams come true and arrange with dedication your wedding celebration. If you have always dreamed about the romantic wedding, we can plan your wedding celebration by the sea.

Bachelorette party

Every successful event starts from a perfect planning. One or more close friends of the future bride are usually the initiators of a bachelorette party. After having learned that their beloved friend is going to get married, they decide to arrange a bachelorette party for the future bride. Medūza Hotel is a wonderful place by the sea which is perfect not only for a bachelorette party, but also for a bachelor party.

Other events

You have a vision for the celebration but don’t know how to realise it? We are ready to surprise you with creative ideas and to offer an incredibly fun program for your celebration. We can offer the scenario best suited for your celebration and turn your event into great unfading memories.


  • Birthday parties;
  • Graduation parties, 100-day parties;
  • Winter holidays;
  • Corporate birthday parties;
  • Thematic events;
  • Service presentations; etc.
Kiti renginiai

Moments of celebration